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Artists' Gallery

In order to keep the site fresh we are creating a new gallery of work by our members. Please submit your entries to Kevin Adams in the usual way. Images of the entries can be found on the Gallery page.

Workshops and Classes

Wednesday Art Group recommenced in September and our thanks go to Pat Parry and we hope to see the continuing enthusism of all participants over the next few months. We now have the dates for classes later this year and early next year. Keep checking the Events page.for class details.

Workshops also started in September so be sure to check the Events page.

Membership Fees

Now that we are able to reinstate a full programme of events we feel that we must lift the suspension of membership fees with effect from 1st June 2022. Details of how to pay can be found here.

Useful Links

In order to assist our members we intend to publish links to various sites that we think will be of interest or assistance.
The first set of links are to artists who have helped us in producing the popular workshops and art classes that have been attended, and enjoyed, by our members and guests.

Bob Goldsborough www.bobgoldsborough.com
Andrew Jenkin www.arjentdesign.co.uk
Simon Birtall www.birtall.co.uk
Ian Fennelly www.ianfennelly.co.uk
John Harrison www.drawninyorkshire.com
Clare Shaughnessy www.clareshaughnessy.co.uk
Sea Grass Studio www.seagrassstudio.co.uk
Mark Warner www.brushmark.co.uk
Christine Holme www.artistcholme.com
Jacob Gourley www.jacobgourley.com

These links are for local services that have been of use to some of our members in the past.

Frameork Wirral Ltd, Bromborough www.frameworkwirral.com/
Clare Mullen "Framing Genius" Bebington framinggenius@gmail.com
The Barn www.thebarnwirral.co.uk

Here are links to other art groups and societies with whom we have a good relationship. Please give them a visit.

wkag West Kirby Art Group www.wkag.info
gas Grosvenor Art Society of Chester www.grosvenorarts.org

News items can also be found by following us on twitter Twitter @HeswallArtists

Important Information

Data Protection Policy

Recent legislation has led us to review our data protection policy. A copy of this policy can be reviewed by clicking this link

We have a mailing list of our members, and other friends of the association, to whom we keep updated on various events, activities and matters of interest. A recent edition of a group email asked recipients to contact Kevin Adams and let him know that you wanted to continue to receive these emails. Anybody wanting to receive future emails should contact Kevin.
We do not share your information with anybody else.